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      hotbar (hot-melt soldering), also known as "pulse hot-press welding", but most of the industry is literally called "haba (hotbar)", hotbar principle is the first solder paste printed on the circuit board (pcb) the solder paste is melted and pre-welded on the circuit board after reflow soldering. the solder to be sold (usually fpc) is then placed on a circuit board with solder paste printed thereon and then heat the solder is melted and connected to the two electronic components that need to be connected.

      because the use of long-shaped hot head to be flat to be welding (usually fpc) welded to the circuit board, so called hotbar. personally feel that it is named in order to distinguish the same heat paste from the acf in the lcd or circuit board heatseal process.

hotbar is usually the soft board (fpc) welded to the pcb (as shown above), so you can achieve light, thin, short, small purpose

      hotbar (hot melt soldering) introduction - hobbar principle and process control

      the general hotbar hot press, the principle is the use of [pulse current (pulse) flow through molybdenum, titanium and other high-resistance properties of the material produced by the huge [joule heat] to heat [hot head] (thermodes / heater tip), and then by heating the hot melt on the pcb has been on the solder paste to achieve the purpose of mutual welding.

      since it is the pulse heating, pulse energy and time control is very important, the control method is the use of hot head front of the [thermocouple] (thermocouple) line, instant feedback hot head temperature back to the power control center, to control the pulse the signal to ensure the correctness of the temperature on the hot head.

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