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        controls the gap between the thermal head and the object to be pressed (usually the pcb). when the hot head drops to the object to be pressed, it must be completely parallel to the object to be pressed, so that the heat to be pressed is evenly distributed. the general practice is to loosen the hot pressing head in the hot press on the screw, and then transferred into a manual mode, the hot head down and press the object to be pressed, to confirm the full contact and then screw the lock, and finally and then lift the hot head. usually to be pressed for the pcb, so the hot head should be pressed on the pcb, it is best to find a tin on the board to adjust the machine is better.

        controls the fixed position of the object to be pressed. the pcb and the soft board must be fixed on the control table, and it is necessary to confirm that the position of each time the hotbar is pressed is fixed, especially in the front and rear direction. there is no fixed when the object is likely to cause empty welding or crush the quality of parts near the problem. in order to achieve the purpose of fixed objects to be fixed, the design of pcb and soft version (fpc), we should pay special attention to increase the positioning hole design, the location of the best hot melt in the vicinity of melting, in order to avoid under pressure fpcb shift.

        control the pressure of the press. please refer to the recommendations provided by the press manufacturer.

        does hot-bar need to add flux? can be added to the flux to facilitate the smooth welding. of course, you can not achieve the best goal. because the solder paste printed on the circuit board after the flow back to the furnace, the original flux within the solder paste has been exhausted, so the pressure hotbar, usually have to add a flux to improve its welding capacity. the purpose of the flux is to remove the oxide, because it is printed on the circuit board before the solder paste, after a certain period of time with the air contact, will produce oxide on the surface, and the air there are many impurities, organic matter, which will affect to the quality of welding, so hotbar welding will generally use the flux to facilitate the welding.

        hotbar flux smudge precautions? work bear will recommend the use of liquid flux to apply to hotbar position, smear should pay attention to the amount of flux to be uniform, especially for hotbar range of wide products, before the operator found all the way from left to right brush once , the results of the flux from the left to brush less, so the right often poor welding. another example is the operator's job every time after the small bottle of flux is put, midfielder or after lunch break often found poor welding, and later found that the flux is also completely attached to the top of the small bottle of bristles, so that brush out of the flux is not uniform. hotbar for fine pitch should also be noted when the flux is selected because the flux is hidden beneath the fpc and is not easily dissipated, that is, the flux is easy to remain between the pads because the components in the part high temperature and humidity environment have the opportunity to cause micro short circuit, so the selection should be noted that the best products in the design of the time should try to avoid the potential difference between the lines set in the adjacent feet, or a long time may appear caf the phenomenon.

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